Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grow Lettuce in a Colander

I've never had much of a green thumb, but when four out of my five orchids re-bloomed (and the ivy is still alive), I decided maybe my thumb wasn't so brown after all. But apartment living in the middle of LA means my options are pretty limited to indoor plants. So, when I found this posting on how to grow lettuce in a colander, I decided I would make it my next foray in gardening.

container gardening picture of container gardening vegetable. Lettuce in a collander.
Photo © Kerry Michaels

Original Post: Lettuce is the Perfect Container Gardening Vegetable

Step 1: I bought a packet of mixed lettuce seeds, a metal colander (I found one at Good Will for less than $2), potting soil, and fertilizer. 

Step 2: The original post recommends plastic window screening to line the colander (keeps soil in and lets the water out), which is an excellent idea, but I skipped it and so far, it's been okay. I added the soil to the very top of the colander, sprinkled the seeds, pushed them into the soil, watered thoroughly, and placed on my kitchen table right next to the window. 

Step 3: Water daily. 
And Voila! 
Day 5

Photo by Claudine 
Check back to see the progress! 

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